Nice shower

Basement shower!!!

Man you are picky lol

At least it’s got a curtain and shower head. What kind of drain was there?

BTW morning Mark .lol Up early

Morning Wayne, Just waiting my turn in the shower. :mrgreen:

Mark, if your going to use the shower above, please shut the curtain.:p;)

Now that is going to be in my mind all day Thanks. lol

Very nice, I personally like the wire running across just above the shower head. Is that for the lady of the house to ring for the towel boy?

It drain to the floor drain. The light is in the upper right corner.

Looks like their main concern was the knocking of copper pipes.
Nice absorbers. :slight_smile:

HMMM easy to get to the supply lines if there is a leak.

I’ve seen worse (outside the US). I rather use this one than the point-of-use electric shower water heater described in this link: