Check out this shower!

In a basement, and the realtor told me that the homeowners actually use it. Wow! Needless to say the rest of this house was a disaster.



Looks like the peel-and-stick floor tile ain’t sticking, huh!

Tell them to bring it back to the Box Store for a refund. Defective tile. :mrgreen::wink:

You can do it… We can sell you stuff

Yeah, the vinyl tile was a hoot, but this is the first time I’ve seen wood panels and wood trim in a shower. Classic.

I hope you wrote up the missing shower door. :mrgreen:

I would be very suprised if there was no Mold.

Perhaps they where going for that country look

Thanks for the laugh, the is just so FUBAR’d I love the linoleum on the ceiling and the proper use of skirting boards :mrgreen:


Innovative Use of Building Products at it’s finest.

Award potential???:mrgreen:

Hi Marcel, most definately, maybe the awards comittee needs to look into a FUBAR’d of the month picture award, I propose our first nominee :mrgreen:


Guys the best (worst) part about this bathroom I have yet to show…

The was also a toilet and both shower/toilet drained into the floor drain! God, I hope the commode was used for “yellow” only! :shock:

How many Members would enjoy something like this?

Of-course it would be limited to HI pictures only for discussion.

What would the Members like to see for an Amusement award at the end of the Year for the best defect photo?:slight_smile:

:DYou know if they installed some astro turf in that shower it would be good to go for many more miles me thinks…:smiley:

throw a coat of polyuarathane on thewood to…many more miles…

I…Like it

Honey, while you are in there, would you mind changing the bulb???:twisted::shock:

3838 E Solera 6-26-09 023.JPG

Sounds like it could be alot of fun. I’m in !!!

How about a personalized guest appearance in a Homey Spector cartoon strip for the winner. Copywrite to be shared with the winner (only) for posting on ones website, etc… (if desired).

My entries for this month…:D;-)

Love the view… Have a seat…:smiley:

Note: The bathroom has NO wall from the “bedroom”…1st photo

That’s because the Mrs. wanted the Honeymoon to last forever, and the Mr. is obliging by re-creating the Honeymoon Suite. :p:twisted::D:cool:

You would think that set up would lose some appeal the morning after Taco and beer night…

That’s what the air freshner, floor register, and window are for. The only thing missing are the candles/matches. :p:D