Fully Operational

Hello to all! I just wanted to introduce myself and start posting on the forum; besides posting for training and continuing education. I just declared myself operational as of yesterday. I am excited to finally be up and running. I am continuously learning from everybody on here. InterNACHI has been a tremendous help in making it to this point. Now I just need to take everything I’ve learned and convert it into profit!


Congratulations and good luck!

Welcome aboard! Good luck.

Welcome and good luck to you!

Congrats. Now the real work begins. Good luck!

Good luck!

Good luck.

Welcome to the party and also welcome to doing business in the Denver Metro area.

If you have not attended any of the local INACHI Chapter meetings you should try to. There is one in Colorado Springs. They meet the 2nd Monday of each month. We also have one that meets in Denver, the 2nd Tuesday of every month. I am the VP of the Denver Chapter.

There is no cost to attend. We have education at every meeting. Last month we had a State Boiler inspector do a presentation for us in Denver.

Let me know if you want the details.

Matt, you are right down the road from me. Come up to InterNACHI’s complex and visit.

Thanks, David I have been to the Colorado Springs chapter meeting. I need to come to the Denver one also.

Mr. Gromicko I’ll be up there for sure!

Plan on spending an hour. Visit all the departments. InterNACHI staffers are very helpful.

BTW, your website is missing NAP: www.nachi.org/nap so Google is going to have trouble finding you.

Welcome to the Zoo Matthew. Just passed my first year myself and it has been an iteresting ride so far. Nick and Ben have a great team working for them and there is a ton of stuff to learn. Good Luck on your new endevour.

How’s it going so far? Tearing things up?

Mr. Gromicko I have not yet tapped into all that Google has to offer; I’ve made a couple of videos on Youtube and posted them on my site. I need to tie in other SEO functions definitely. As far as the NAP on my website goes: I have put “Home Inspections in Parker, CO and surrounding areas” plus my phone number consistently on each page. Is that not cutting it? Do I need to be more specific? Thanks!

Welcome & Congrats!