Furnace adequecy

I inspected a new built home today that was 2290 sqft, It has a 40k btu input high efficiency forced air furnace. A 20k btu sealed direct vent fireplace in the lower living room. I there anyone that would say this is not enough to heat the place? I was the smallest furnace I have seen in a house. 40k BTU input. 38k btu output???

The latest Washington Energy Codes have been making the new construction tighter and so much more efficient I probably wouldn’t question it. The energy rating sheet for the home with all the calculations should be posted right next to the electrical panel. JMHO.

How are things in King going? We have been swamped in the South Sound.

There is a energy rating sheet, and I usually do not give to much worry on size. It just seemed excessively small.

Super swamped, never a dull moment, working on expanding the business. I am doing as much a i can do. NICE. Been like this all year. Cha ching