Furnace age?

Today I inspected an American Standard electric furnace/air handler. The home was built in 1948. The serial number format begins E1452……. I cannot find the age of the unit at my usual on line dating site. It did have a service sticker on the furnace cabinet that looked like 1950. Could this unit really be 60+ years old? Any help would be appreciated.

Allen, I’m thinking 1990 (based on the letter E in the serial no.).

Are you sure first letter is an** E**, and not a B


Thanks to both. It was an E in the serial number but the 1990 year does match the outside unit so that makes sense. The site I usually go to did not have any “E” serial number listed for any recent units. The furnace was so beat up and dirty that I really did believe that it may be much older.

1950 may be correct. American Standard stopped making oil and gas furnaces in 1968.