Age of American Standard Electric Furnace

Can’t find this on my charts.

Electric Furnace used with heat pump.

Data Tag says: American Standard by Trane Corporation

Mdl: TWGO30A140B1
S/N: Z1452BM6V

is age of equip an emergency
report what you found :’)

they’llbe open tomorrow for you or client to contact

Seller says one thing, I think something else. Out of contract time tomorrow AM.

Do you typically send out uncompleted reports???

no i report what i find
if age is that important
i’d send an rfi email to trane-amerstand tech support tonight and cc client and agents
or better yet put it back on the seller to prove your assessment is wrong

you know all this, must have been a tough day

We should stay away from age of units - this is Beyond the scope. “Furnace is an older unit budget for this condition”

Big mistake Jeff we should date all furnaces, A/C units, water heaters, and shingles JMO;-) the client deserves to know, the more info you provide the more you charge I sure hope you charge more than a $100.00 ???:smiley: