Furnace and Condenser Power Split

Had a stand-up HVAC unit with an electric furnace that took 30 amps. Had a condenser connected with it that also received 30 amps. There was only one 30 amp circuit breaker in the main panel and the wires were split in a junction box that went on to feed both the furnace and condenser. Is this acceptable given both are never operating at the same time?

Okay by me…BUT, I would report it just about the way you did, Gene…so, they know you inspected it and the reasons that you didn’t make a big deal out of it. Or, refer it out if you are not sure.

As long as they have a separate disconnecting means.

Where was the condenser? How is it cooled? A pic would help.

Typically/Usually/Normally; exterior air cooled condenser disconnects/switches are within 5’ US - 9’ feet in Canada on the foundation or veneer.
Awaiting your reply.

The condenser did have an electrical disconnect next to it on the exterior wall. It’s an air cooled condenser. The furnace did not have disconnect switches installed at the unit but the main panel was in sight.

Do you have a photo of the condenser nameplate?

I erase the pictures of the data plates after the inspection report is written. It was a 3 ton, 30 amp. Why do you ask?

Just seems odd that the blower and condenser are on the same circuit.

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