Furnace Date Codes

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[FONT=Arial]Luxaire WDLM014517[/FONT]

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I believe it is 2002. The third letter is the year and “L” equals 2002.

Fraser, Johnston and Luxaire were purchased by York in 1980.

York recently changed their serial nomenclature, so the old cheat sheets will not work in decoding anything manufactured after 2005.
In this case, the NEW serial decoding is used. The new decoding is MUCH easier than the old.
First letter - specifies CITY of manufacture. W - Witchita, Kansas
Second number - tells you the THIRD digit of the year of manufacture.
Third letter - specifies month of manufacture. (12 Letters) A-January B-February C-March D-April E–May, F-June, H-July.
Fourth number - specifies fourth digit of year of manufacture.
When there are three or four letters at the start, the third letter is the year. Y is 1991, A is 1992, etc.

The remaining numbers are just sequential numbers, and can be ignored.

I came up with 1981 or 2002

I don’t see it listed in Preston’s 1960-2005 Edition. No unit model numbers that begin with the letter “W”.

April 1981 or 2002


I have found a Round Oak furnace. Can anyone give me some help with the date of manufacture? Model number is FGL-1402 Series 2. The serial number is, get this, P. I’m serious. The serial number is “P”.

Any help would be appreciated.