Furnace Flue Question

I could use some specifications on furnace flues.

These vented to the outside. There is one behind the latice cover.

Everything about this set up seemed to be wrong. Isnt the condensation line supposed to be on the exhaust? The flue with the draft inducer?

They where about 20+ feet long, no slope & additional elbows. There was corrosion at numerous joints in the flue.

Isn’t PVC supposed to be used?



I am still in a fog from yesterdays inspection the same as are weather. Fog & rain

83706 Strongsville 017 (Small).jpg

83706 Strongsville 038 (Small).jpg

Depends on the equipment. About twenty years ago some makes (80+ efficiency) did vent outside with metal duct, most with B-vent.

Always locate the manufacturer’s specifications and use them… if the specs are not available, find a dealer and start there.

As Jae stated,
The MFG booklet on this unit is the guide…The MFG has the say on how this appliance is installed… not someone who is guessing on how this puppy should be installed… Warranty …gone… Efficiency …reduced…damage…occurring… :o
If it is NOT present at the FAU then we have a problem. These guides are there for this reason. The installer is instructed to leave these by the units for referral by home owner, tech or who ever needs to get information.

The “flues” are too low to the ground (grade) in my opinion. IF you are in a zone of the country that has significant amounts of snow then what is going to happen when these get blocked by the snow…:roll:

Looks like some “unprofessional” work here…
Building materials be in contact with these “pipes” ??
Terminations of these pipes in your pictures to low to grade…
Run length? “b” vent…I don’t think so…

I recommend having further evaluation by a HVAC professional…:wink:

What does that say on the sign in the second picture with the red writing? :smiley:

Looks like a building permit?