gas furnace vent installation

This installation does not look right ( amount of bends in flue pipe) to me, and I am not finding anything in the code book to help me. Any help or comments (about flue pipe)would be appreciated.


Looks a little funky to me as well.
It appears the contractor used single wall ductwork from furnace draft diverter collar to (I hope) double wall B’vent piping that runs up and thru to the attic area, and then out thru the roof. The connector used to join both vents appears to be a a bullnose increaser wye. Most Municpal inspectors in my area would laugh, and then make the contractor replace that fitting with a flow design fitting. I’d write it up for a prof. HVAC contractor to inspect and rework. Oh… tell your client not to use the orig. contractor, he’ll say everything is A-OK.

If you know who the manufacture is then their directions should give you the information needed .
I am with both the above posts does not look correct and do not ask the instaler.
… Cookie

Is that an up flow unit, is there an A/C coil below, I don’t like the filter on the outlet of the unit, among other things:D