Furnace flue termination clearances

Don’t look right. Anyone know the allowable clearance for the vent cap?

012607 053 (Small).jpg 012607 054 (Small).jpg

012607 053 (Small).jpg

Wouldn’t that chimney need to be run clear up to the next level…something about 3’ above, with-in 10’ of the highest point??? That would make it very wrong.

Hi Joe,
The general requirement for a stack like this would be a minimum of 3 feet high as well as 2 feet higher than any roof within 10 feet horizontally. It most definately is not two feet higher than the nearest roof. Needs further evaluation. The siding also appears (from your picture) to not have proper clearance from the asphalt shingles. Wonder if this roof was added on.

Hope things are going good for you Joe.:slight_smile:






Hi Joe,
Greg’s post is spot-on. Seems like an addition/after-thought without much design-thought!

Those measurements are correct on distance from objects. Even without that standard, check out the siding near the vent cap. Easy one to write up, with ample info on the condition of the siding alone.

Thanks everyone.