Furnace in attic

I know whats missing but want to know if it is that obvious to everyone else.

LOL Well a flue pipe is a option isn’t it

How do you forget that!! :slight_smile:

that thing exhausts combustion gases into the attic?

Safety is sooo overrated!!

The attic is the same as the outdoors, right? :roll:

I kept looking at it and saying where’s the vent pipe,where’s the vent pipe

Here is a few more pics

Good for you David in your thinking.
you were thinking correctly.
I take it there was no roof cap piping,
where this thing should have connected to? :roll:

All I could see was a hole cut out of the plywood sheathing, no exhaust roof vent cap installed. It had been covered over with the roofing material (concrete tile roof ). This house is in a large subdivision. One sub-contractor probable got ahead of another one and it got over looked ( dam contractors anyway :wink: ). House is 7yrs. old and has been vacant for 8 mons.

Vacant for 8 months huh? I guess that is because the previous owners are dead.

Pretty obvious the flue was never connected but what about the safety pan I can not see in your pic did it have a drain connected or a 24 volt safety switch???

No Flue is pretty bad … :shock:

What about the small PVC pipes. The primary and secondary condensate pan stubs connect to one 3/4 PVC drain line (no trap or vent, and they shouldnt connect to the same drain line … :roll:). But what is that second 3/4 PVC line with the open 90 fitting for? Is that the installers attempt at providing combustion air? That would appear to be a line for the secondary stub, but it’s not tied in.

A few years back, I was performing a home warranty inspection. The gas furnace was venting into the attic as well. The builder did not want to address the issue at that time, I told the owner to turn off the furnace. The builder said it could wait until the next day. His justification was, “it is a well vented attic”.
I informed the builder we could call the local fire department and have their HazMat team take a look. He ended up changing his mind and brought out the HVAC sub to correct the issue right away.

Wow it surprises me you have t go such threats when it is people safety

Does that qualify the attic as “heated” space?