Furnace Location?

Found an electric forced air furnace installed in a garage today to heat the house. Does not seem right to me. My concern is the furnace pulling in carbon monoxide, from the car, through any openings in access panels or joints in ducts and blowing it into the house. Would appreciate some feedback on this.

Not a problem.

I would add that the ductwork has to be sealed. Also, protection from impact wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I would also add that although it isn’t a problem building code wise (check your local codes) I wouldn’t do it in my house :slight_smile:

Furnaces of all types are installed in garages all the time the returns are a sealed system back to the living areas. Return air can not be taken from a garage. When I inspect these types of installs I just ensure that the return air is properly sealed on the garage side. Probally 50 million units installed in this manner???

Insure that the duct does not break the fire wall barrier between the house and the garage. Flexible duct cannot be used in this application. Sheet metal duct of the appropriate thickness (set by code ) is required.

Good point David.