Furnace Question

When an inspector performs their inspections on any given residential property, on a furnace in particular, does the inspector have to remove the access panel of the furnace unit and visually inspect the inside components of the unit?

Also on that note, does the inspector have to make notations of findings of their visual examination in reference to the components of the furnace?

No he does not have to remove access panels although most do. The furnace inspection can be a visual inspection of the unit using normal operating controls.
So what is it that is wrong with this particular furnace?

It depends upon the SOP that the inspector operates under.

What SOP states you have to remove the panels?

I’m not intimately familiar with all SOP’s. There may be one.

Me neither… Maybe the inspector had no association affiliation, so his personal SOP could be whatever he/she wants it to be…

That’s my point. We don’t even know where OP is geographically. So State, Association, personal SOP?

TN Inspection Law:

(7) Heating Systems.
(a) The home inspector shall inspect permanently installed heating systems including:

  1. Heating equipment;
  2. Normal operating controls;
  3. Automatic safety controls;
  4. Chimneys, flues, and vents, where readily visible;
  5. Solid fuel heating devices;
  6. Heat distribution systems including fans, pumps, ducts and piping, insulation, air
    filters, registers, radiators, fan coil units, convectors; and
  7. The presence of an installed heat source in each room.
    (b) The home inspector shall describe:
  8. The energy source for the system; and
  9. The heating equipment and distribution type.
    © The home inspector shall operate the systems using normal operating controls.
    (d) The home inspector shall open readily openable access panels provided by the
    manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.

Jason, It entirely is determined by what state you live in. Please give us some more information about the furnace in question and what state your located in.