Opening maintenance panels

Can you define this for me?

open readily openable access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.

For instance, you have a split unit. Condenser is outside and gas furnace and evaporator are in the attic.

What panels have to be opened by the inspector?

I wouldn’t think you’d be opening panels except to access filter.

I would open the access panels to view this.

Same here, David…:slight_smile:

Do you think that is an SOP requirement?

Yes. I would think routine maintenance would include a home owner opening these panels to check for leaks or any adverse conditions (corrosion on burners, debris etc… Same as opening the roof hatch to inspect the attic for roof leaks.

It is intended to be vague so you can as a intelligent person you have ability make the right choice in the field without fear of lost safety,destruction of property,or breaking from SOP.

Do you really think that most home owners would know what to look at in the picture David posted above?

IMHO, most homeowners would not.

They would if they are present when I do my inspection.

A panel that requires no tools to open…

I’d venture to say that most homeowners do not remove panels to inspect the burners or anything else. Most only change the filter. And many don’t even do that. I’ve seen some disgusting filters.