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another Barry story…

Odd seeing as how Barry loves ASHI so much.

I don’t know any ashi inspectors that remove covers on furnaces.

Is it really required?

Bruce you being serious or cutting up? lol :slight_smile:

Only if you want to see anything of interest.

Removing furnace covers is not required directly by any SOP that I have seen, they all have an opt out clause in there somewhere.

Now, the ashi sop is the one that does appear to have it but as I said before, no ashi inspector I know removes the covers on all units.

We do here in AZ

Did anyone notice on the page below barry’s column, there’s an ad for “Inspect It Yourself”? It’s pretty interesting.

Here is what I found at your link above:
C. open readily openable access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.

Most inspectors assume that panels for routine homeowner maintenance are only the filter panels.

So on what assumption do you base routine furnace maintenance? :smiley:

The correct term from your sop is " routine homeowner maintenance" not “routine furnace maintenance” Big difference.

I’m not saying that we should not open furnaces that are readily accessible but am saying that no sop actually requires it except maybe ashi (their definitions are not listed within their sop on their web page to confirm either way).

Here’s Illinois SOP . Water downed ASHI. It’s really kind of vague.

l) When, pursuant to the written agreement with a client, the heating system is inspected, the home inspector shall:

  1. Inspect the installed heating equipment, the vent systems, flues, and chimneys; and

  2. Describe the energy source, the heating method by its distinguishing characteristics.

Filters only knucklehead—:smiley:

There is nothing in a furnace besides the filter if it’s located at the Air Handler a homeowner should be opening not knowing what the heck their doing—:smiley:


Your absolutely right. Bottom line is the NACHI SOP states we will operate the system under normal controls and report if it works or if it needs repairs since it didn’t operate. However, most inspectors I know opens up the cover panel including myself.


The main point of this thread was to get some opinions on the ashi sop since that was the one referenced in the article.

I’m a member of ASHI, but I take the access cover off to cover my azz, I could care less about the SOP’s—:smiley:

Do you guys have in slab ducting over there?
I check every air handler I come across. You just never know



One of the worst ideas for moving air!!!

Hey Bruce, after reading this thread I went out on the web and read 4 or 5 furnace installation manuals to check this out. You are exactly correct, in that the furnace manufacturers do want the home owner opening up or fiddling around with anything inside the furnace enclosure besides the filter. :smiley: