furnace recall

last week a realtor told me that she would’nt use a certain inspector because he missed a “recalled furnace”. i’m trying to land this realtor as a source of inspections, so i’d like some opinions on this before i tell her that there are a lot of recalls each year on a lot of products, and we can’t keep track of all of them.:slight_smile:

Why dont you just kiss her *** it would be easier. does she know what house is a pos?

It is impossible to catch a recall furnace unless you nothing better to do than sit on the page refreshing. is it in your sop?
When i hear a agent saying stuff like that it makes me wonder. Ask her more about this fellows report never judge another inspector or comment unless you know all the facts it will come to bite you .
PS i am not ragging on you BTW

You could give the client this site to search for himself:

Add am auxiliary service called furnaceChek and then charge $99.00 for it. Done and done.

The issue in CA revolves specifically around the recall of Premier Furnaces. CA is littered with them, and every CA inspector should be able to identify them.

They have become such a litigious issue in CA, that they are specifically addressed in the standard sales contract for our state.

These furnaces can be “repaired,” but you will have a hard time finding an HVAC contractor willing to do so, simply because they are near (or beyond) 20 years old by now.

You should always recommend replacement of these furnaces when they are discovered.

I use RecallChek. It cost me a few bucks per inspection but the CPSC site doesn’t always get a hit unless you enter the info the exact way it is in their site. I had a recalled dishwasher in the last week. You don’t get recalls very often but when it’s something like a furnace your going to make points.

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Wow…if I read that CPSC notice correctly then Premier provided OEM furnaces to 11 different manufacturers and 81 different models. Trying to identify those in the field would seem to be a major chore without some automated process.

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Actually, it’s not that difficult in this particular case. They all look identical to what you saw on the CPSC page. The only difference is the tag from the manufacturer.

I see them often and can identify the instantly. A simple verification of the model number will confirm whether they are with or without NOX rods. The recall only pertains to those with NOX rods.

Ahh…OK, gotcha. I thought they might all look different on the outside but, if not, then that would simplify identification.