Furnace return in mater bedroom

Is a furnace return allowed in a bedroom? The master bedroom shares a wall with the furnace closet and as such the return grille is up on the wall in the bed room. This is on an old mobile home.

The only places a return air is not allowed is a bathroom, a kitchen, a garage or within 10 feet of a gas fired appliance. A return air in a master bedroom is always a good idea, most normal couples sleep with the bedroom door closed. If you are not normal you probably like pic of 600 LB women and it would not matter;-)

I have returns in all rooms except bathrooms, kitchen and garage, as Charley mentioned. :slight_smile: I will pass on his 600 pound analogy…:shock:

I agree with Charlie, now my question is, is this vent an actual return or is venting from the furnace compartment, at which point is wrong

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. This is in the master bedroom and the furnace is on the other side of the wall. This is the only return in the house. The door to access the furnace is on the exterior wall of the home and has a metal louver door (which provides the additional combustion air.)

How does the return air actually connect to the furnace surely the back side of the grill does not open into the furnace closet where combustion air from the exterior door enters the closet.

A lot of Mobil homes have Coleman gas furnaces with a return filter located in the interior closet door. The burners and combustion gases are sealed from the closet area.

I need a pic of the furnace and the location of the return air filter in order to help further. Is the furnace gas or electric

Yes, the back side of the grill opens into the furnace closet. It is a mobile home with a coleman gas furnace. Here are some pictures.

As Charley said the return air is the grill at front of furnace, this is typically where the filter is, and also usually installed at the Interior of home. I’ve never seen one with the access door at the exterior. But you’re in a warmer climate than me.

In your case they installed the grill on the wall to allow interior air to inter/return at the front grill.


Thanks, this is kind of an unusual arrangement. Something didn’t quite feel right about seeing this arrangement adjacent to the bedroom the way it is. I was concerned about the potential of a cracked heat exchanger or flue issues that could cause carbon monoxide levels in the bedroom to rise, especially given how old this unit is. It may be legal but it just doesn’t feel proper. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

These units are sealed. Often they’re in the kitchen, in the wall, with grill at front :shock: :). I remember the first time I saw one I was thinking same as you.

In your case with only return being in the bedroom make sure bottom of door is cut back enough to allow return air to enter when door is closed.

You can also recommend to install a CO detector in bedroom.

Keith, remember that Manufactured/Mobile homes have their own set of standards that do not always mirror “normal” homes.


Relax you were over thinking. Not uncommon to see a A-coil in Mobil homes that is not totally enclosed in a plenum box. The blower would be drawing thru the coil VS discharging thru the coil. It will make you scratch your head