Furnace room door opens in

When I went to furnace school a long time ago, we were told that furnace room doors should open out. However, I am unable to find this in the Alberta building code, it only says that furnace rooms must have a door, (DOH!)

The reasoning was that if a someone was in the room and passed out because they electrocuted or gassed themselves, they might fall in front of the door, so if the door opens in, the dead or incapacitated service man would be blocking the door.

I just left a door opening in furnace room but it was plenty big enough that a service man down could be shoved aside and the door opened, provided of course that the service guy or gal was smaller than William the Refrigerator Perry, so I don’t want to say anything about it unless I have to.

Never heard such a thing.
Sounds like urban myth.

I didn’t make it up, but it might been wishful thinking on the instructors part

Bathroom doors always seem to open in and the gasses in their are horrible.

But usually not fatal:mrgreen:

I don’t know… You ever eaten at HuHot?

Erik the door to the furnace can swing in or out does not matter.