Bathroom Doors

Just started Rehabing my 10th house (for resale - I enjoy it can rent till it sells). I have one question about something I’ve never run into before. All (both) the bathroom doors open out. I know this is not right and I’ve budgeted to change them, but does anyone know why they shouldn’t.

so you don’t smash someone in the face that is coming down the hallway while You are exiting the bathroom…

it is ok for small closets( linen closets ect.) to open into a hallway because You always open them from the outside. but bedrooms and baths off a hallway must open in for the safety reason mentioned above…jim

Normally people are not coming out of a closet, unless… well that’s another subject :slight_smile:

Okay, it was too simple. Got to stop looking for the hard answers.


Some bathrooms are so tight that don’t even have room for a door to be tucked away.

Where did you get that info?? They open inward to bring in fresh air. Doors that open outward move that smelly air out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Doors open inward for good reason - it’s so you don’t get trapped inside the room by fallen objects during a disaster (earthquake, fire, etc.).

Residential differs from commercial, where you will see exit doors open outward in most cases.

The powder room doors in most homes around here open outward because there isn’t sufficient space for them to open inward. I don’t believe it’s against code.