Furnace Venting Question

Inspection this morning, dual zone high efficiency 2 year old furnaces with direct intake and exhaust venting. The four vents (2 intake, 2 exhaust) all terminated about 8 feet above the roof top deck. Each schedule 40 vent pipe had a 90 degree elbow facing down, with all pipes strapped together at about the same height. Oh, there was also one plumbing vent terminated the same way, at the same height. Opinions?


Perhaps someone involved in the install owns stock in the MFG company for PVC pipe. What was this on a residence or a commercial building.

Renovated residence. My concern is lack of proper spacing between intake, exhaust and plumbing vent.

Additional images

That is downright ugly I can see now from what appears to be some deck or stairs why the height but why in that location would beat the tar out of me. We install in this area with the u-bends on top all of the time nothing strange about that to me but the height and the location is killing me.

Still think the separation is incorrect.

Exhaust and fresh air intake should be at least 18 inches apart. Exhaust vent shouldn’t end in a U-shape to prevent damage to roof, maybe that’s why it is in the clouds…:shock:

I agree that the intake & exhaust need to be a minimum of 18" apart.
How far from the plumbing vent???

My very first thought upon seeing the pics was Blue Man Group .

I would say that was done because of the deck access.
Two of the u’s were not necessary but it sure does look like they need more support.
Bet there was a problem running them out the side wall.