Furnace woodburner

This woodburner is vented into same unlined chimney as water heater and furnace, which I’m assuming is not correct, no? Additionally, the vent slopes downward??? Any helpful insight and/or narratives is greatly appreciated.

Furnace exhaust is pipe above. Water heater vents on the other side.

Josh, I found one of these last year. If it is wood burning it should be in a flue by itself, from what I got from the plumbers and heating guys I talked to.

Joshua, just type up what you just said!

They can’t share the same chimney, and the flu angle is incorrect and the chimney is not properly lined.

Technically, an unlined flu may be red tagged and the gas supply locked off by the gas company until compliance is achieved.

Depends where you are.

In Canada, you may vent oil and wood boilers/forced air furnaces into the same flue if the appliances are certified for use with each other and are vented from the same house level. You can not vent an oil water heater into that flue. A wood stove cannot, at anytime, be vented into a flue serving an oil appliance.