Fuses in older home ...Question

My voltage tester would go off within 12 inches of the fuses.
Is this ok? Wall switches, and electrical outlets I would have to make
contact with my tester before the tester went off. ( I did this to see if
my tester was too sensitive. )



If you’re using a proximity style tester 12" may indicate that the metal enclosure is energized.

Great question , I agree the box could be hot .
Your post I am sure has helped many New and old Inspectors to please be carefull.
Thanks and do not be shy on asking your questions ,all questions are good questions .
Thanks … Roy

Good morning gentlemen it has been a while but this is one I just can’t resist.

Looking at that panel I would be willing to bet that the neutral is bonded to the enclosure. If this is the case then as has been pointed out the cutout enclosure is at the same potential as the fuses which would make the non-contact meter start squealing like a pig at feed time.

YEP! I agree with you Joseph. Seen that same situation on many sub panels.

Green fuses usually indicate 30 amp also…

So, did you open it?