Future Double tap?

So, every body knows double taps are incorrect, so why is this 2013 home equipped with this type of breaker? Is it a new breaker that allows 2 wires to be connected to one breaker.? I know the reason behind double tap being incorrect, so being that this breaker separates each wire, makes it ok…what do you guys think?

Double taps are incorrect only when the breaker is not designed for more than one conductor.

This breaker is designed for two conductors, individual slots.

There are a couple of manufactures that have made these for a long time, Square D is one. Nothing new.

Without seeing a picture that shows the whole breaker/panel it appears to be a Square D brand breaker. This style allows two conductors under one terminal as long as the wires are both the same gauge and you do not mix copper/aluminum.

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Thanks guys