Is a double tap ever ok?

My training tells me to call out double taps but are there breakers and situations where circuit breakers can be double tapped?

Yes, on those rated for it.

Here is an example

Example of Square D:


And the wires don’t need to be the same gauge, as long as they fit within the scope of the breaker (#14 - #10 in the case above)?


So for the sake of further discussion…

I don’t consider a breaker designed for two wires to be “double tapped”. It is installed and used as designed.

I consider a “double tap” as a breaker designed for a single conductor that has two conductors instead. Some may consider it a matter of semantics but I think it is a matter of using the correct terminology.

Further discussion?

I agree. No breaker can be double tapped, but some breakers are designed and listed to have two conductors installed.

A double tap is always a defect.

I agree

How would you handle OCP with two different gauges?

Sorry, what’s OCP?

Over current protection

Good question. In posts 4 & 5 I asked if two different gauges could be used and I was answered yes. I would defer to the limits of the smaller gauge wire if two differently sized wires were on a breaker that can accept two wires.

I’ve always been under the impression the two wires must be the same guage. And usually you’d be talking about #14 and #12. #10 is for a 30 amp circuit and probably dedicated equipment.

I don’t see that Square D QO CB’s listed for two conductors require that they be the same size. They just need to fall within the range listed on the CB.

You’ve got it Robert. Thanks.

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