FYI: Oil is about to go through the roof.

Get in.

I wish I would of listened to you a few years ago about the gold.

I probably should listen now.

If they continue to trash the dollar, oil will go up but so will most other commodities.

Geithner recently made comments about supporting a strong dollar but we’ll see if it was more than just nose.

I personally wouldn’t mind if #2 went up to about 4.50 a gallon.

Would be just what my business needs right now.

all my wood is split and stacked so I’m OK, except for what it will do to inflation.

Sure, we need to save energy resources, so, when we do, corporations suffer due to decreased sales, or less energy use. They then have no choice but to raise rates; electric, water, gas, cable, you name it.

There is a big push to save energy, which is good, but rates of all types will increase in order to keep up their stock prices, and keep their revenues increasing from year to year. As rates increase, all other items will follow.

Stock prices are going up because the the gov is busy trashing the dollar and inflating in hopes of making our massive debt manageable.

It won’t work.

Caution- Rough road lies ahead.

Gold jumped 2% in one day (today).

Only because the Fed devalued the dollar by monetizing the debt yesterday.

They are destroying the dollar. If you have any of those little pieces of paper with faces on them, spend them. Better yet, borrow them then spend them. Pay it back with worthless little pieces of paper later.

here is some sarcasm for you, the good folks at the federal reserve are working hard every day to help this economy recover and are not engaged in criminal activity.

Oil hit $100.

And the stock market is about to tank. IMHO

Unrest in the middle east and you guys do not want alternative energy???
Yeah drill baby drill.

Nope. It costs too damn much.

Solar energy is a giant fail. More tax dollars down the toilet.:frowning:

It i getting cheaper and cheaper.
I can buy stake lights for the yard that are solar powered for $1 at this point.

Why arent we drilling? No really why?

The government is keeping environmentalist groups off their backs. So, no drilling.

All made in china.

I thought you bought American. :roll:


Oil was a good run. Now get out… if you need the sure win.

I still think oil is going up, but I just can’t guarantee it like I could when I started this thread.