G2 Roofing in Colorado

Not sure if there is a place for this on this forum but has anyone in CO ever worked with or have an opinion on G2 Roofing out of Centennial?


What’s G2 roofing?

They are a roofing company.

Getting quotes from roofers on our house and wanted to know if anyone had an opinion on them. I trust the opinions on here more than most average people for obvious reasons.

With all the different roofing companies out here that I have seen, they usually don’t travel too far unless a major hail storm hits. Are you in Vail?

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No, sorry…

But post the bids on here with pictures of your house and that may get some responses.

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Jesse are you still looking to get more quotes? I recently did an inspection for a really a nice guy who moved from Denver to Chardon Ohio. He owned a large property Management company in Denver I think he said he handled about 150 properties. He would certainly have at least a few good roofers in his Rolodex. I became good friends with him and I could reach out to him for a referral if you would like.

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I’m in Boulder/Longmont area. Never heard of them. What type of roof are you having installed?

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Thank you l. Yeah, I have a couple of local guys but everyone up here is so expensive.

I’ll call him tomorrow and post info on here.

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Laminated architectural asphalt shingles

You have 2 of three choices: quality, speed and price. Pick two. LOL

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Keep in mind that the local guys understand the winters up there and how to install a roof that will last. Not to mention the material costs and disposal are going to be higher for mountain towns.

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You can’t just back up to a ravine and dump the load? :rofl:

:laughing: I guess if it’s a dark night with no moon…

Not a lot of choice up in Vail. You might find someone cheaper out of Minturn or Edwards, but also might be worth going by and looking at examples of work they’ve done, especially if they’re cheaper. You’ll want to get it done soon so the sealant strips will have time to bond before cold weather sets in. It’s still pretty warm down here.

If you get caught doing that near Vail they make you wash their lamborghini police cars every day for a month.

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:joy::rofl::joy::+1::+1: Now that’s beyond punishment.

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Not planning on doing it until next summer. I don’t like starting a roofing project right before it snows.

Thank you for your advice Kenton.