Who is the best roofing Co in Broward?

I need a new roof now and want the best.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I already have TigerTeam
D Hodges

I have a sloped gable and 2 flats.

Might go tile and slope the flats a little more with some process one of the roofers suggested.

Gradual slope with some kind of insulation"I imagine Foam" feathered into the slope. Anyone out there seen or tried this? Still not enough slope for tile or shingles according to guy.

Any advice whatsoever about any of this would be greatly appreciated.

I am very coastal and on a canal and EVERYTHING around here rusts.

Thanks in advance.On a side note I am talking to all about retrofitting houses with double wraps and no one so far will touch it. I only asked 1 on the current list but have talked to others.

What do you all think about the BEST shingles Vs. Tile?

I am leading toward tile as no one I know thinks the shingles will last the 45 warranty I’ve heard about. warranty pretty much crap according to a few and tough to get anything more than fixing the spot.

Have you though about rubber? Posting some pictures could help getting responses…

Rubber roof? Modified Bitumen

The flat would be a modified bit.

it is currently asphalt cap sheet.

My Martian buddies sent me this :slight_smile:

The 2 flat areas are closest to the canal.

aaa roof.JPG

Here’s what I put on my house (lifetime warranty):
Click the “Traditions” brochure:


I’ll have to do more research not much info in that little brochure but it seems cool.

How do you like it and what did you put it on?

I’ll catch up with it tomorrow. Nighty nite time for me :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.

Dania Beach, FL local rep:

It has been flawless. I put it on a low slope area.