galvanic corrosion?

Can anyone explain if this corrosion is a problem. I’m assuming it is a galvanic type corrosion. If not cleaned, can this result in a leak?

Yes it will .

I would look for an electrical low voltage electrical leak … Roy…
Possible DC

Thanks Roy. I will recommend that.


They need plumber not some hack with a meter.

Looks to me like the packing gland leaked until it scabbed closed seen a million just like it;-):wink:

Charley, I see copper galvy, black and brass in the pic.

I do see it also but look at the packing gland corrosion goes all the way to the hand wheel

Yep, but there is plenty to call out there.

I don’t disagree with that but the green comes from a water leak guess we could talk about the super bowl that seems high on some threads;-):wink: