Galvanized gas piping

I was surprised to see what appears to be galvanized gas piping in a newer home. Are there acceptable galvanized piping for gas lines today?


I’ve posted about this a couple of times before (try the search feature). Anyway, it really depends on your locality and if its acceptable or not. I usually report something like this:

Plumbing: Galvanized gas line
Some of the gas piping was galvanized, instead of black iron. Usually, galvanized piping is not recommended, due to the fact that the zinc coating inside can possibly “flake” off and may clog burners, etc. However, some jurisdictions do allow its use for gas piping. Recommend consulting with authority having juristiction, local building officials, or local utility company for more information (City building 784-2249 / Ohio Gas 1-800-331-7396).