Gas piping at today’s inspection had about 20’ of galv. piping, the rest of black iron. After researching, some say that it’s not good because it can flake off, which clogs burners, etc. Some say that it’s o.k. Opinions? Input?
I was going to say something along the lines of " not a recommended material due to the possibility of flaking which can clog lines, burners, etc. Consult with local building code authorities for more info… etc. etc.

Let me know what y’all have to say…

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What does the local gas company say about galvi piping? Some areas allow it.

Not sure exactly. I know I usually only see black or CSST. I’m sure with this areas’ strict codes, it’s more than likely not a recommended practice. I’m not sure exactly, though… anyone… NW Ohio… I’m going to write it up, as I said in original post, unless someone can give me some more input… Thanks though, Brian.

May I chime in

Josh I think you are confusing galvanized iron pipe with copper I personally have never known galvanized to flake off and clog burners copper only.

I was taught the reason not to use galvanized was it can be confused with galvanized iron water piping some home owner thinking the water was shut off and decided to cut the line whoops it has gas in it must be the wrong line.

My local AHJ does not allow galvanized for gas but they over look a galvanized fitting some home owner may have made repairs with but on new construction no galvanized allowed. As an inspector I follow the same.