Galvanized Malleable Pipe Fittings and 4-Point

Does anybody know if galvanized malleable pipe fittings are worth noting on a four point inspection. I know we’re supposed to look in older homes for galvanized plumbing pipes, but how about fittings.

Not on a pump for goodness sake.:shock: The supply and suction inlets should be galvanized and not pvc, due to overheating concerns. If you see galvanized fittings on the hose bibs and main water supply, then you probably have galvanized supply piping. You can list more than one pipe material on a 4pt if for example, the water heater area is repiped in CPVC or copper.

Thank you, I just wanted to know. I see a lot of galvanized on the pump area, just one of those where I wanted to know.