Main Public water line

Is this an acceptable water pipe material?

Seems like the union would be suspect to leaks. Looks like black iron gas pipe.

181311 035 (Small).JPG

If it is Galvanized steel it is fine but black pipe is for gas only.
I have no way of knowing from that particular picture.

If you never see galvanized much,I always add this below…

*Galvanized pipe was commonly used for water supply lines many years ago, but over time many have filled with scale, which is why some older homes suffer from low water pressure. Hard water greatly reduces the life of steel pipe.

I think it is black iron and not galvanized, this is why I posted.

I wanted to get this boards professional opinion, sorry that I do not have a close up.

It may just be discolored however the top union is for sure galvanized.

There are three unions and the bottom one is black and the top two are grey. Hard to tell if galvanize or not and hard to tell if the bottom pipe was maybe painted black for some odd reason.
Looks like copper above the meter and a dielectric union should have been used if galvanized. :slight_smile: