Gap at exterior wall

Hi Everyone.
I haven’t seen this one before. There is a gap between the exterior wall (at the base of the exterior wall) and the concrete walkway. I’m concerned about water penetration.
Also, there are 2 foundation cracks that I’m concerned with as well but no other signs or cracks anywhere (inside or out) .
Looking for thoughts on this. Appreciate your feedback.

Yes, it seems water will enter and freeze and crack the slab, Max.

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Thanks Larry,
That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted another opinion. Will have to write this up somehow.

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Recommend sealing the cracks and repair to the corner pops.

What Marcel said…

The expansion joint material that was used when the concrete was poured has deteriorated away. The gap needs to be filled with a flexible sealant to allow for slab movement. Water intrusion below the slab can happen causing excessive heaving during winter months and cause possible spalling in the foundation. Repairs should be recommend.

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Thanks everyone. Appreciate the info.