settlement w/picture


This is a picture of the foundation next to a patio sidewalk . About
a half inch of seperation between the two so water can seep inside
very easly. Would you seal this gap. Also as far as the joints at the
end of driveways that connect to the sidewalks would these be sealed
also and if so with what .
Thanks all

350x200 attributes.JPG

driveway arrows.JPG


Please be more specific, and it would be great if you could post a larger image.

I would recommend installation of backer rod and flexible mortar caulk sealing. Water infiltration will only make it worse.

The first pic. looks like the “joint” at the END of the driveway were it meets the public sidewalk out at the caldasac. i wouldn’t worry about that one. water runs off the street onto the lawn, or shoulder all the time. not an issue. the one at the door, i would recommend a masonary calk to keep water from rotting the sill plate, if it has one below grade. it looks like a slab on grade construction, if this is true, the only concern may be erosion under the threshold or that part of the slab. it needs to drain, but it also can’t let water get under the house. Raf, how was the pitch of the landscape in this area? if it is away from the house and it is slab on grade, i’d say it’s not a big deal. if it’s got an actual foundation and the grade runs toward the house, they’re gonna have issues if not now, in the near future.


Hi Rafael;

What part of the country are you located in? Are you a Geologist or Soils Engineer? If not, you might consider using other verbiage instead of “Settlement” in your discription of the concrete flat work voids/separation as noted in the attached photos. The settling/settlement type issues are best left to Geologists and or soil engineers. This will help limit your down side liability should the assessment not be accurate and if the buyer should cancel escrow based on same.