Garage Attic pull down stairs

2011 home with attic pull down stairs, should the hatch or openings around the hatch have some sort of fire protection/rating?

Does the drywall on the common wall go up to the roof in the attic space, or end at the ceiling?

Ends at the ceiling


Kenny, Thank you

Your welcome.
I had a client call and say thank you a month ago for being up front on the fire dangers in garages and that he should tape and mud the joints, he had it done and 2 yrs later, he lost 3 cars because of a faulty wire in a car. The amazing thing is the contractors only had to sister one joist because of a small burn area smaller than your fist.
This is your job you never see.

Wow! You just never know when something like that can happen. Good call keep it up.

Wow Kenny.