Efflorescence on foundation wall under carport

Anyone know what could be the possible cause of the efflorescence in picture attached?

Waiting for photo :wink:

Is the driveway low in that area and ponding water?

Water :wink:

No water there, drainage is good and it is under a carport.

Road salt?


I see a large area of discoloration here. Is it possible lawn irrigation is causing this? Or maybe the owner washing vehicles?


Water from wet vehicle…Drifted snow/melting, etc… Washing vehicle in carport…


That was my guess when he first posted this an hour or so ago


Parge coat looks pretty fresh. They often wet/saturate the concrete behind it before application. Could just be drying out.

Other option, moisture wicking up from the soil which has no other place to dry out due to the asphalt.


Water from where is the mystery?

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You don’t have road salt in Georgia. :smiley:

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No lawn irrigation system present.

Maybe not built-in, but could be from sprinkler placement. I’m just guessing though. :man_shrugging:

Over-watering of the vegetation on the front? Water gets wicked into the foundation/parge coat. The spot at the center of the carport never sees sunlight and doesn’t evaporate as well?


You can see the tire marks where they park the car. It lines up with the stains on the wall.


I would not rule your theory out. All water is born with a passport and will travel.

Case study I had recently. Concrete slab home built atop a stem wall. I think the water entered under the slab at the bay window, traveled between the fill dirt and under the slab and exited here.

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And there I thought it came from the sky…

That parge coat is covering areas of the brick and mortar on the left side of the first picture and it looks wet when you took the first picture, Second pictuce the asphalt looks wet also. The parging and asphalt for that matter both look newer to me,. The weep holes in the brick make me instantly think it’s a veneer and not structual so its missing proper drip cap flashing/flashing detail and could also be saturating the area. It also looks like someone has tried cleaning some of the efforescence to me.

It also looks like neutral/negative grade may be present to me also.
The important thing is if you detected moisture on that wall in the basement or not, hopefully you ran your meter.