Exterior Garage Walls

Do attached garages exterior walls need insulation?

Welcome Oscar! Generally no, however some homeowners may do it if they have a heated garage or just want to keep it a little warmer during the colder months.

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No, they don’t, as they are usually unconditioned spaces, they usually don’t have insulation installed over the ceiling above either, although as Thomas stated it is optional.


Yeah above garages with no habitable space of course no insulation but on the exterior walls I have seen many builders put in on the outside wall. Saw it today through thermal and I was confused. Haha

The real question is… NEED or REQUIRE??

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Not many images online with a garage, here’s one:

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In Minnesota… any attached garage wall that is shared with the home… REQUIRES insulation.
In Minnesota… all attached garage walls, whether shared or not… NEEDS insulation!

Where are YOU located?

Sample… Rehab last week…

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@jjonas has a point. It may be required in some areas, but not in the deep South.

Thanks fellas. Appreciate it!

I’ve seen it done before for noise as much as heat loss. For example, a homeowner trying to not annoy the neighbors with woodworking equipment or band practice.

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