Garage door insulating

I have a ever ongoing battle to try to reduce my utilities and make my house more comfortable here in hot *** orlando. I bought a little 3/4" polyiso and decided to insulate my west facing garage door since I do woodworking projects in my garage often. Here is some progress half way, pictures were taken at the same time of day both on sunny days. Foil is facing towards the door.



Your endeavors didn’t work, However it is just a garage door.
Your images seem kinda strange…

What’s strange? One picture is without any insulation and the other is the garage door halfway covered. The side covered is 26 degrees cooler

Sorry if my original post didn’t really clarify it, my fault

Now! I got it!
Looks like it is workin’.

What type of aluminum or foil did you use , I live in missouri and have already insulated with foam panels, however the temperature still reaches excess of 90.0 F.

If you are using a foil backed product, the foil side needs an air gap (can’t be in contact with the the material you are trying to insulate). The foil becomes useless and you are relying on the foam for R value.

I just used some polyiso foam board from lowes, it has foil on one side and nothing on the other. My garage gets a lot of afternoon sunlight so I was mainly trying to reduce heat gain from that, it’s still not sealed up perfectly around the edges.

Understood, right now the panels are just sitting in there. The bracing o my door is making it difficult to have the gap and seal around the edges. I might try a few panels of with the air gap and one that’s up against the panel and see if there is a measurable difference.

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