Foil on Windows

We had foil put on our windows last week what a huge difference in Light and heat .
During the day people can not see in at Night with all the lights on they can see in but not well .
We have a bird feeder 8 inches from the glass neat to see the birds up close .
I came home the house was warm and I took some pictures to show the difference 30 minutes makes .
temp out side 93°F
temp inside No air on 80°F
I put two pieces of rug one behind Kitchen window with Foil
One behind patio door no foil .
We did not do the patio door because it has venioation Blinds in side the doors and aslo a awning over the doors .
I raised the awning to get a proper comparison .
#6971 Kitchen counter with foil
#6981 Kitchen counter with foil
#6872 patio door no foil
#6980 Patio door no foil
#907 bird behind foil






Windows before and after .
#900 lower window no foil
#911 same window with foil Day time you can not see in .
We got a soft silve as it does not show from out side .
Paid just about $800;00 for complete home main floor and basement



What direction(s) do(es) the window(s) face?

None face south the ones you see in second picture face east and the Patio Kitchen face west . East windows have a huge Blue spruce for protection . west windows Have a high set of cedar protection for late afternoon sun .
The bed roome face both east and west

Do you plan to remove the foil in the Winter months?

No I am led to believe I will loose some solar heat but also I believe I will not loose the Radient heat from inside the home in the winter so the gain loss is not a huge difference.
. Will Be interesting to see .
I have two friends who have done this a few years ago and they are pleased .
. This is done on many Office buildings windows and stores around here.
At $800;00 a pop no way is it coming off.

Wow. I guess not.

OK James now tell me your thoughts , Windows subject to fail ?? or what have you heard . I am just in the process of putting in a sprinkler for the property . Cost more then the windows .
I like toys I have not cut the grass in 5 years My friend Robie does it all I have to trim a bit

Well, strictly from reading your posts, I am understanding the foil to be reflecting radiant heat away from the home. I am thinking that on a cold winter day, that same radiant heat would be beneficial.

I am thinking that this was your purpose for not placing them on the windows with Southerly exposure … but I am wondering if the windows facing East and West would not be wise to exclude as well.

I have no data on this … but am just kinda thinking out loud. I have a huge window that faces East that I shade in the summer but depend upon in the winter as a good source for indoor heat.

WE notice a huge difference now The AC does not work on high as much even though we are in a heat wave here .
The winter radiant heat is lost yes but the inside radiant heat is kept inside so days we loose a bit evening and nights we gain a bit .
I am told winter is close to a balance .
I expect my attic will be cooler in the summer when the solar collector goes on .
Having a pretty tight attic and 17 inches of insulation helps also .

Good info will let you know how we feel next year… Roy

Roy … have you seen this?

Thanks Jim good information .
Great to see ,many Homies learn much from this Forum it has helped me a lot with the information given by others .

I wonder how long till it is perfected .

Well over three years have gone by and we have not had any concerns .
I would do it again for sure .
very satisfied … Roy