Garage door opener

Is there a requirement for garage door openers to be on a dedicated circuit? It is currently plugged into the light which means the power turns off and on with the light switch. Could be a pain if someone turns the light off and leaves. The remote wouldn’t work.


Write it up Garage door needs repair as it does not work when Light is off.

To simple we are not code expert’s .It is wrong

Also if you are really concerned with your client you can tell them according to standards today a GFCI serving the Garage Door Opener can easily be installed.

There is no NEC requirement for a dedicated circuit for the GDO.

Thanks guys

The light is currently off… however, the GDO is on.


Yes, interesting. Was that bulb burned out, Colton?

I agree, this is a design issue not a code issue.

Yes the bulb was burnt out. Good catch though. If the door was going down and I flipped the light off, the door stopped.

I would say the garage door opener requires a grounded outlet. Not sure if the light fixture is grounded.

I observe them on switches all the time, but separate from the lights.