Garage GFCI outlets

2012 build home has overhead ceiling outlet for garage door opener, this outlet is tied into wall outlets which are GFCI protected. I am not sure if this is correct. My thoughts are that it should be a separate circuit for the ceiling. If it trips you wont be able to enter from the exterior.

Common practice.

First I’ve seen in my area

Required now.

All of the 120 volt garage receptacles require GFCI protection. Installations that were under the 2011 NEC require that a receptacle providing that protection needs to be readily accessible which means that it cannot be on the ceiling where you may need a ladder or some other means to test it. A separate circuit for the garage door opener is not specifically required by the NEC.

Thank you

GFCI protection of all outlets in garages, ceilings included are required as of the 2008 NEC. Apparently people have been shocked or electrocuted contacting metal garage doors with automatic operators.