Garage Door Torsion Spring repair

Is this a legitimate repair? Why not replace the spring

Who the heck knows? We’re not garage door repair professionals were inspectors. Document what you see and move on. Say something about questionable Spring Repair… Ensure repairs were done by a professional by getting documentation or something like that.

I’m no expert, but I sure as hell wouldn’t accept that in my house. If the spring was fatigued enough to break there, it likely has other areas that are fatigued too.

My wife had ours replaced after it broke a few years ago. The upgraded from a single to a double and replaced all the rollers on the door for a couple of hundred bucks. I wouldn’t cheap out with that POS that requires them to tweak the broken coil ends to get it on there.

I’d give the same kind of advice as Joshua.

Torsion springs for garage doors are dangerous and should not be repaired in a red neck fashion.
Needs repair and replacement by a qualified overhead door Company.

Being “think of the worst Marc”, when I viewed those pics I thought of the spring breaking & chopping a person in half…:shock:

Not only dangerous, but stupid.
Ditto what my esteemed colleagues said.