Garage Doors

Have you noticed that some garage doors don’t have balance springs. This is the 2nd one I have seen this year. I thought the spring was there to assist the opener.

Interesting thats what I aways thought

Next time pull the release. See if you can lift the door. It should also stay open pretty much where you let go of it. If you can’t lift it or it moves up or down allot when you let go call it out.

Hard to tell by the pic, but it looks like a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster system. The spring is inside the metal tube
wd.bmp (148 KB)

Interesting, I’ve not seen one of those before. I wonder if there is any advantage to having the torsion springs inside the torque tube. Those springs eventually break.

Bobby is correct.

The Torquemaster Spring System is one of the simplest and safest door spring devices to install, only requiring your basic hand tools. You can adjust your garage door spring by simply connecting your cordless drill to the winding bolt and tighten or loosing until you have reached the proper door balance. The winding and unwinding process of the Torquemaster System is safer than the conventional torsion spring door systems; which require specialty tools and has many exposed parts.