Garage Door Spring Right and Left Swapped?

I’m thinking that these springs have been installed wrong (left and right spring has been swapped). What say you? When the door is in the up position the springs look normal. The ends really are not noticeably color coded indicating right (black) and left (red), except for. Just looks like they are wound and the tension is in the unwinding position This is on a “flip” and the door opener looks to be relatively new and also the door would have a tendency to reverse and needs adjustment so I’m already calling for it to be investigated and adjusted by a technician. **


So, what is the problem. It’s not clear what doesn’t operate properly.

You need to look at the end of the spring to see if they were on the right side.
Shown here;

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Spring is under tension when the door is closed, when the door is open the spring is relaxed and unwound. The line painted or drawn on the spring appears to show it was wound 7 or 8 times. Maybe a cheap imported springs that looks wonky.

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I did look at the way the springs are wound and they do look correct (thanks Marcel). I also think Dominic is on the right track with the springs being wrong for the weight of the door “Wonky”.

I wish we could use the word “Wonky” in our reports, cuz sometimes that is exactly what we are seeing and can’t really explain any other way…

When the spring is under tension with the appropriate turns needed to lift the weight of the door, the spring get smaller and tighter, it does not unravel like the OP shows.
It is work and needs to be repaired by a qualified overhead door installer.

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Then it is possible the spring is the wrong size for that door in any case needs to be referred like you did.

The springs are wound the wrong direction. They were unwound instead of wound with the door closed. When you have a spring and you try to unwind it, if it has no room to expand horizontally, it will expand outward like in OP’s pics, you guys called it “wonky” :slight_smile: They do need to be corrected.

What’s stopping you? Call it what it is!

That’s exactly what they did Simon. In the picture the left handed spring is the right way when you blow it up and the OP verified and on the blow-up I can see also how the spring is extended.
Normally when doing that the end insert will start slipping in the wrong direction. But it does explain the bundling of the spring.

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at least they wound them, right? :thinking: :laughing: Good catch by Larry, I bet many would have missed it! The door may not operate properly, it may not open fully like it should, it may strain the door opener and or fail prematurely – for these reasons it needs to be corrected. I like to unhook the door from the opener and see how it operates by hand. That is the only way I know of to determine if the springs are doing their job correctly.

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I did unhook the door and manually operate it just to satisfy my curiosity. To me it felt pretty well balanced. But I could tell something was not right with it. Thanks to all of you for your insight and ideas on this.