Garage electrical outlets - Need advice

House Built in 1968…Detached garage.

The Homeowner had two electrical outlets about 6 inches from the
garage floor…they tested: correct wiring.

Is there a height requirement for Garage wall outlets ?


No, not in a residential garage. Commercial garages may be classified areas depending on the usage and ongoing processes in the area.

I agree with Jim although I did one time read an HI report that state they needed to be raised to above 18".

The State of Washington requires that home inspectors call out electrical outlets within 18" of the floor, in an attached garage, as a fire hazard.

Is that based on a local code? The NEC has no such restriction.

State Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors. We don’t have an option.

Is there a local amendment to your electrical code?

Can anyone tell me if a non-gfci outlet in the garage is mandatory? Most new houses have a non-gfci outlet for freezers but is it a requirement?

Nothing to do with the electrical code. It is a requirement in the Standards of Practice for home inspectors.

The latest require ALL garage receptacles to be GFCI protected. There used to be exceptions for inaccessible (ceiling for door openers) receptacles and dedicated appliance receptacle. No longer but your AHJ may not have accepted the changes. Check with them.

Any idea why?

You would have to check with the original Home Inspector Advisory Board that wrote the SOP. It is the same requirement for appliances like electronic air cleaners, water heaters, motors of installed appliances (like a freezer or refrigerator). They consider them “sources of ignition”. And they do not have an exemption noted for FVIR water heaters.

This is not an NEC requirement. In fact it would be in violation of the more recent NEC editions.

In case of residential garage there is no such rule.

Thanks for the replies