Height of outlets garage

How high should electric outlets be off the floor in a garage?

Before this can be answered is this a residential garage where you park a car or is it a commercial repair garage?

Residential Thanks

I don’t think that the NEC has any rules on this, however, I believe 18" to the bottom of the box may be the industry standard.


What about the IRC, I had a AHJ say he wants them 48" - 54" and I cant find any local code to justify

most of what i see around here is about 4' Jeff....did You have a specific concern ????

If the AHJ says put them there–then put them there.

AHJ has the final say.

what Jae said !!!..

Four feet or so is the norm around here, too, and that puts them at a good height for when the work bench goes in. :smiley:

My Concern is that this is a small town and the inspectors are jobbed out, I have a feeling this guy does not know what he is talking about, I got into this job after the fact , Client is going nuts trying to figure out is telling him the truth, I just may have figured it out , He is going off a local code about 50 miles to the west, I will have to make a phone call tomorrow.
Thanks for all the input. got love a town with 990 people

and approx ,
.10% of them dis-agree with you.


40 inch eh.

Mine is 18" so I wonder when that requirement was made.

lol…nah…their is no height minimum requirement in a residential garage. If you want to put them at 12" go for it…It is only when dealing with commerical garages that we have to be aware of the ventilated and non-ventilated areas and receptacle requirements for those areas.

Thanks , I thought you were going to cop out with a link. :slight_smile:

While I got you online here Paul.
I am just opening todays inspection pictures.
What say you?

Labels are missing but it quakes like a duck.

Just getting ready to search if they were made in Kentucky.:slight_smile: (side note: 2 bedrooms , bathroom and kitchen par spots on the upper left 15.)