Garage Floor - efflorescence ? or Maybe surface cleaner

I inspected a 1991 residence, house built on slab …
House was in good shape …
Anybody seen this on a Garage floor ? …Garage was attached

Hard to say. What did it task like?

Seriously, maybe dripping/efflorescence from car cleaner/washing?

it will taste salty if it’s efflorescense…

Yes, and was mostly caused by laying water in the unsealed control joints and the cracks in the floor.
Could be water from the car or by just washing the floor and letting the water puddle in the cracks.
Once water gets inside a crack or control joint, it will take a long time for it to dry. The only way to dry is for the moisture to get absorbed each side of the crack into the concrete. Primary efflorescence is caused by the water in the concrete evaporating from the slab leaving behind the soluble salts on the concrete surface.
The floor looks flat also and I would recommend sealing those cracks to prevent that from reoccurring.
The cracking appears excessive also that could have been prevented with proper control joints at the time of placement.
Here is a good article on joints.

Power washed joints.

Thanks …

Thanks everybody

The water stains (efflorescence) appear to emanate from the side of the garage slab that is adjacent to the roots of those large palm trees.

Looks that way, and followed the joints.

Junior, if you ever chased a leak on an EPDM pin hole leak, you would observe after you find it that it is wet around the pin hole, but the whole roof is dry.
Well, moisture in a crack in a concrete floor is the same.

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