Garage Floor

Attached are pictures of an attached garage with cracks on the floor. Can any provide me with documented facts to help save the sale for the realtor and proctect, should it go forwad for the future.

Velez 128.jpg

Velez 129.jpg

The garage floor is not structural. Best practice is to pour the slab with expansion joint material at the perimeter and control joints cutting the slab into 2 or 4 sections. There is no requirement for that however.

Recommend further evaluation if they want a more definitive answer and you don’t feel comfortable making that call. All concrete cracks … but different cracks mean different things, and you have to be there to see the whole picture to make a call like that.

Not your job … just observe and report what you see to your client, which is your job. Your fiduciary responsibility it to your client, and no one else.

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink: