Garage/gate opener

I had a double-wide inspection in “No Permits Needed”, Florida today. The buyer told me how surprised she was when the owner gave her the garage door opener for the gate.

Cool…the local handyman installed the garage door system on its side and rigged it up to open and close the gate.

Whoopps, not exterior rated and the light is bothering the neighbor? No Problem! I have my trusty garbage can to cover the whole darn thang!


Picture 101 (Small) (Small) (Custom).jpg

Frickin Fantastic :D:roll::smiley:

It was GFCI protected wasn’t it :wink:



Gerry, it actually was! I don’t think it was required since it was covered by a garbage can…at least that is what was figured at the well pump with the 5 gallon bucket over that.

I love it!

Then you will enjoy this FPE located at the shed.

I don’t inspect gates. Too busy doing the house. :smiley:

I actually saw a plan like the gate opener in one of those “mechanix” magazines. With the customized “trash can” cover over it I would probably not call it the worst thing I have ever seen. The U/L listed ones are nothing special either.